Mademoiselle Paradis
Barbara Albert
AUT, DEU 2017
97 min

Set in 1770s Vienna, LICHT follows an aspiring young harpsichordist whose magical playing has already gained notice among high society. A fly in the ointment: the prodigy is a woman, and blind. Maria Theresia von Paradis plays by ear and instinct, with heightened senses, yet her attentive mother and father want nothing more than to restore her sight, by whatever means possible. Maria Theresia and her parents are soon at the doorstep of a physician who is just beginning to establish a reputation in viennese society: Dr. Mesmer. LICHT revolves around this doctor-patient relationship, allowing Albert to delve into a series of themes: gender dynamics; science versus art; age and youth. Mesmer was perceived by the non-acolytes as a bit of a quack, but under his gentle care, Theresia makes seemingly miraculous progress. Meanwhile society grows suspicious, her playing style is affected, and Theresia’s once-supportive family begins to doubt Mesmer. (Toronto Film Festival)

In the presence of Barbara Albert.

  • Maria Dragus - Maria Theresia «Resi» Paradis
  • Devid Striesow - Franz Anton Mesmer
  • Lukas Miko - Resi's father
  • Katja Kolm - Resi's mother
  • Kathrin Resetarits
  • based on the novel «Mesmerized» by Alissa Walser
  • Christine A. Maier
  • Dietmar Zuson
  • Christian Conrad
  • Alexander Koller
  • Niki Mossböck
  • Lorenz Dangel
  • Katharina Wöppermann
  • Veronika Albert
NGF Geyrhalter Film, Looks Film

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