Andrey Zvyagintsev
RUS 2014
137 min

Kolia lives in a small town near the Barents Sea, in North Russia. He has his own auto-repair shop. His shop stands right next to the house where he lives with his young wife Lilya and Roma, his son from a previous marriage. Vadim Shelevyat, the Mayor of the town, wants to take away his business, his house and his land. First he tries buying off Kolia, but Kolia cannot stand losing everything he has, not only the land, but also all the beauty that has surrounded him from the day of his birth. So Vadim starts being more aggressive.
“The arduous alliance between man and the state has been a theme of life in Russia for quite a long time. But if my film is rooted in the Russian land, it is only because I feel no kinship, no genetic link with anything else. Yet I am deeply convinced that, whatever society each and everyone of us lives in, from the most developed to the most archaic, we will all be faced one day with the following alternative: either live as a slave or live as a free man.” (Andrey Zvyagintsev)

  • Alexey Serebriakov - Kolia
  • Elena Liadova - Lilya
  • Vladimir Vdovitchenkov - Dmitri
  • Roman Madianov - Vadim Cheleviat
  • Anna Oukolova - Angela
  • Alexey Rozine - Pacha
  • Sergey Pokhodaev - Roma
  • Oleg Negin
  • Andrey Zvyagintsev
  • Mikhail Krichman
  • Anfrey Dergachev
  • Anna Mass
  • Philip Glass
  • Andrey Ponkratov
  • Anna Bartuli
Non-Stop Production

Pyramide International

Wild Bunch Germany
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