Cinematography Cecilia Mangini

La torta in cielo

Lino del Fra
I 1977
101 min

As a giant flying cake appears in the evening sky of Borgata del Trullo north of Rome, the kids are delighted, shouting “che bella!” At the same time, the Italian military is preparing a massive maneuver to defend the nation. LA TORTA IN CIELO grasps surrealism as a way of articulating political dissent. Cecilia Mangini wrote the screenplay for this hyperactive farce that examines how different social groups behave when a UFO lands on earth. The army is ready to fight and the kids are ready to enjoy when this unexpected arrival bursts into their daily routines. A group of scientists sends a robot on its way and a chocolate baroness tries to fend off potential competitors. While Rossellini (LA MACCHINA AMMAZZACATTIVI) and De Sica (MIRACOLO A MILANO) also placed narratives in the realm of the supernatural, Mangini roots her story in the discourse of those days. She sets her sights on an oppressive state that imposes curfews and she mocks the military-industrial complex by making children the antagonists who seize the giant cake, enjoying a sweet taste of freedom. LA TORTA unfolds in an anarchic upbeat tone that pokes fun at the leading lights of the political establishment. The Democrazia Cristiana was not amused and started a press campaign against the film. (Gunnar Landsgesell)

Program 4 of Cinematography CECILIA MANGINI
In the presence of Cecilia Mangini and Paolo Pisanelli.

  • Paolo Vilaggio
  • Didi Perego
  • Umberto D’Orsi
  • Franco Fabrizi
  • Daniela Minniti
  • Massimo Cacchiani
  • Fernando Busini
  • Alfredo Colecchia
  • Fortunato Marsala
  • Cecilia Mangini
  • Lino del Fra
  • Luigi De Santis nach einem Roman von Gianni Rodari
  • Eliseo Caponera
  • Roberto Perpignani
  • Egisto Macchi
  • Giuseppe Mangano
  • Giuseppe Mangano
Istituto Luce
Istituto Luce, Cecilia Mangini
35 mm
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