Tribute to Fay Wray


Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack
USA 1933
100 min

A film crew arrives at Skull Island. The natives take a liking to the leading lady, Ann Darrow, and kidnap her as an offering to their god, Kong. Kong - a 40-foot high ape - snatches his prize from the altar and heads off into the jungle. A search party manage to sneak Ann away from Kong. They use sleeping gas to capture him. Weeks later, a live show opens in New York, with a chained Kong as the main attraction. But Kong breaks free, grabs Ann, wreaks havoc in the city, then climbs to the top of the Empire State Building. (James Berardinelli)

  • Robert Armstrong - Carl Denham
  • Bruce Cabot - John Driscoll
  • Sam Hardy - Charles Weston
  • Fay Wray - Ann Darrow
  • Frank Reicher - Kapitän Englehorn
  • Noble Johnson - Häuptling
  • James Flavin - Briggs
  • Steve Clemente - Medizinmann
  • Roscoe Ates - Fotograf
RKO Radio Pictures


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