Kid Glove Killer


Kid Glove Killer

Fred Zinnemann
USA, 1942
74min, OF

Bild: Filmarchiv Austria

Kid Glove Killer

Fred Zinnemann
USA, 1942
, 74min, OF

Van Heflin
Marsha Hunt
Lee Bowman
Samuel S. Hinds
Cliff Clark
Eddie Quillan
John Litel
Allen Rivkin
John C. Higgins
Paul Vogel
David Snell
Daniele Amfitheatrof
Lennie Hayton

16 mm

The B-film’s important role as a lower risk stage for testing new talent is showcased in the striking directorial debut of Austrian émigré Fred Zinnemann and the first starring role for Van Heflin. A taut police procedural film, KID GLOVE KILLER was an expansion of an episode from MGM’s long-running shorts series CRIME DOES NOT PAY, two-reeler cautionary tales that traced the birth, evolution and successful extermination by a police agency of a wide range of criminal activities and enterprises, from drunk driving and embezzlement to counterfeiting and smuggling. Here Van Heflin is a wise-cracking and casually sexist forensic criminologist pitted against a corrupt District Attorney and rival for the affection of his lab assistant Marsha Hunt who suddenly finds herself caught in the middle of a tense cat-and-mouse game. Writer John C. Higgins imparts KID GLOVE KILLER with rich details of forensic crime work that point towards his effcient police procedural screenplays for Anthony Mann (T-MEN, HE WALKED BY NIGHT, BORDER INCIDENT). (Haden Guest)