Journal de France

Claudine Nougaret, Raymond Depardon
FRA 2012
100 min

JOURNAL DE FRANCE examines the extended oeuvre and working process of Raymond Depardon through his very own eyes, as well as through those of his long-time companion and sound engineer, Claudine Nougaret. Trailing the photojournalist as he drives across the Gallic countryside to shoot a new series of landscapes, the film also intercuts in clips and outtakes from the director’s lengthy documentary catalogue, offering up an enticing amuse-bouche to an artist whose body of work has become essential viewing.

Much of the footage of Depardon on the road was shot during a project started in 2004 for which he traveled throughout France’s various regions, capturing the essence of their cafés, factories, forests and highways with a large-format 20x25 camera. Beyond their ethnographic interest, the richness of those pictures provides a solid argument for the uniqueness and splendor of celluloid, and watching Depardon take his precious time to snap the perfect street scene offers up a powerful antidote to an era inundated with disposable digital imagery. (Jordan Mintzer)

In the presence of Claudine Nougaret.

  • Raymond Depardon
  • Claudine Nougaret
  • Raymond Depardon
  • Raymond Depardon
  • Guillaume Sciama
  • Yolande Decarsin
  • Nadine Muse
  • Claudine Nougaret
  • Simon Jacquet
  • Claudine Nougaret
  • Claudine Nougaret
Palmeraie et désert, France 2 Cinéma

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