Chris James Thompson
USA 2012

Twenty years after he was caught red-handed, Jeffrey Dahmer continues to be a storytelling gold mine, but for chris James Thompson, he is merely a demented center of a much bigger storm. His culturally struggling hometown of Milwaukee was sent into a frenzy after Dahmer’s story hit national news, but behind those seventeen gruesome murders was a rather mundane man who’s affect reached far beyond the poor families of his victims. From the African-American neighbors he befriended, to the police officers that were forced to sort through the horror that was recovered from his apartment, all were touched by evil. With suitably grainy 16mm reenacted footage, and startling candid interviews from the people that were closest to the case, JEFF is a hybrid doc that delves into the affect of a serial killer on the community he was a part of while showing just how exceedingly normal he was to those around him. (Jordan Smith)

  • Andrew Swant - Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Pamela Bass
  • Patrick Kennedy
  • Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen
  • Chris James Thompson
  • Andrew Swant
  • Joe Riepenhoff
  • Didier Leplae
  • Michael T. Vollmann
  • Chris James Thompson
  • Robert Mulrennan
Good/Credit Productions

Echo Bridge Entertainment

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