Zima, uhodi!

Winter, Go Away!
Denis Klebleev, Elena Khoreva, Askold Kurov, Dmitry Kubasov,
Russland 2012
79 min

Ten filmmaking graduates from Marina Razbezhkina’s School of Documentary Film and Documentary Theatre lived with a camera for two months in order to chronicle the last “Russian winter” in 2011 and its popular uprising against Vladimir Putin’s presidential run. People, faces, conversations, protests, failures and triumphs come together to chronicle the campaign.

  • Denis Klebleev
  • Elena Khoreva
  • Dmitry Kubasov
  • Askold Kurov
  • Nadezhda Leonteva
  • Anna Moiseenko
  • Madina Mustafina
  • Sofia Rodkevich
  • Anton Seregin
  • Alexey Zhiryakov
  • Yuri Geddert
  • Yuri Geddert
Marina Razbezhkina Studio

Marina Razbezhkina Studio

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