Denis Côté
Kanada, FRA 2012
72 min

As the title suggests, BESTIAIRE is structured as a sort of visual bestiary. Shot during the winter at the Parc Safari zoo on the outskirts of Montréal, the film mostly consists of long immobile shots of a variety of wild animals, from bison and hyenas to tigers and bears, all going about their days. Denis Côté’s interest in space and the way we navigate through our environment is ever-present here. Côté simply observes as the animals travel through the various picture frames he sets up, occasionally strolling out of frame, walking back in, they react to each other and occasionally to the camera. (...)

The tableau he paints leaves a lot of room for interpretation, the way he portrays the interaction between people and animals, between animals and their environment is sure to spurn discussion. (Alex Moffatt)

  • Denis Côté
  • Vincent Biron
  • Frédéric Cloutier
  • Nicolas Roy
Metafilms, LeFresnoy, Funfilm

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