Danny Pang, Oxide Pang
HK, Thailand, GBR, NL 2002

As a two-year-old, Wong Kar Mun became blind. Eighteen years later, she receives a corneal transplant from a dead Thai woman. The operation restores her vision, but this gift comes with a price. She sees dead people, as well as the Grim Reaper (or someone akin to him) offering ominous portents. Looking into a mirror, she sees another womans face. On the trail of the woman whose eyes she now possesses, she travels from Hong Kong to Thailand. Since the massive commercial success of Hideo Nakatas Ring, Asian horror films have been going through a renaissance. However, The Eye seems more influenced by The Sixth Sense than homegrown fare. Just as The Sixth Sense merged an austere, arty visual style with tried and true story tropes, the Pang brothers have combined Hollywood storytelling techniques with a set of Asian cultural and religious references. (Steve Erickson)

  • Angelica Lee - Mun
  • Lawrence Chou - Dr. Wah
  • Chutcha Rujinanon - Ling
  • Yut Lai So - Yingying
  • Candy Lo - Yee
  • Jojo Yuet-Chun Hui
  • Oxide Pang
  • Danny Pang
  • Ramindra Recording Studio
  • Decha Srimantra
  • Oxide Pang
  • Danny Pang
  • Orange Music
  • Stephanie Wong
  • Jittima Kongsri
  • Centro Digital Pictures
Applause Pictures 14th floor 10 Knutsford Terrace TST Kowloon, Hongkong T 23 66 1622

Fortissimo Films Veemarkt 77-79 1019 DA Amsterdam, Niederlande T 20 627 32 15

35 mm
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