Introduzione all'oscuro

Gastón Solnicki
Argentinien, AUT 2018
71 min

Argentinian director Gastón Solnicki is one of the countless people whose lives were touched by former Viennale festival director Hans Hurch, who died suddenly last summer. Full of the same grief shared by many, Solnicki travels to Vienna to try and make sense of his feelings by shooting a film. He moves through the misty streets and passages, seeking out the places, objects, and images that might call forth his lost friend or tap into his own sense of loss, as gentle lines are sketched out between them by his natural flair for association. A cup from Café Engländer, a handmade chocolate box, postcards from around the world, a skating rink under lights, a cinema auditorium waiting for Ernst Lubitsch to appear, video footage of an Argentinian family, heart valves rendered in ceramic. If all this is mapping out a friendship of equals, that’s why such a careful balance is maintained: Solnicki mostly lets his images do the talking and Hurch himself only appears sporadically, in fleeting photos or in recordings of past conversations. When he gives Solnicki advice on editing one of his previous films, his attitude could equally be describing this one: a patience, a generosity, a calm. (James Lattimer)

In the presence of Gastón Solnicki and Gabriele Kranzlbinder

  • Alan Segal
  • Han-Gyeol Lin
  • Alexandra Prodaniuc
  • Karin Krank
  • Gastón Solnicki
  • Ka-Ming Man
  • Walter Bergman
  • Gastón Solnicki
  • Rui Poças
  • Jason Candler
  • Alan Segal
  • Salvatore Sciarrino
Rei Cine, Filmy Wiktora, Little Magnet Films, KGP

Rei Cine

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