Aki Kaurismäki
FIN, S, GBR 1990
80 min

After 15 years as a London waterworks clerk, French émigré Henri is made redundant. Lonely and friendless, he hires a hit-man to put him out of his misery; but after meeting flower-seller Margaret in a pub, he tries to cancel the contract. Shot in English on barely recognisable London locations, the film's oblique camera angles, moody colours and short, sharp scenes create a stylised world which still has the feel of everyday life. Kaurismäki's plots and dialogue often give the impression of having been improvised at the last moment, but his framing and narrative concision are extremely rigorous.

  • Jean-Pierre Léaud - Henri
  • Margi Clarke - Margaret
  • Kenneth Colley - Der Killer
  • Trevor Bowen - Bürodirektor
  • Imogen Clare - Sekretär
  • Angela Walsh - Vermieterin
  • Cyril Epstein - Taxifahrer
  • Aki Kaurismäki
  • Timo Salminen
  • Timo Linnasalo
  • Aki Kaurismäki
  • Billie Holiday
  • Joe Strummer and The Astro-Physicians
  • Little Willie John
  • Roy Brown
  • Olavi Virta
  • Lord Beginner with Cyril Blake's Calypso Band
  • Carlos Gardel
  • John Abden
  • Simon Murray
Villealfa Filmproductions
Sputnik OY Museokatu 13 A 00100 Helsinki, Finnland T 9 68 77 1010
35 mm
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