Hebei, Taipei

Li Nien-hsiu
Taiwan 2015
90 min

Li, a former soldier whose family broke apart during wartime, was born in Hebei Province in China. He joined the army at a young age not because of political beliefs, but to survive by fighting for those who fed him. The war brought him to Taiwan where he has resided for the last six decades. Li never had a chance to return to his hometown Hebei, but has revisited it countless times in his dreams. He missed all those years wasted in wartime when he was young; at the same time, he has no idea how his eventful life will come to an end. HEBEI TAIPEI, directed by Li’s daughter, is a dramatic memoir of a foul-mouthed, insolent, yet somehow lovable man.
“I’ve never dared to cry since I came to Taiwan. Whenever I cry, a war breaks out.” (Li Chung-Hsiao )

  • Li Chung-Hsiao - Vater der Regisseurin
  • Li Nien Hsiu
  • Li Nien Hsiu
  • Stevi Chen
  • Li Nien Hsiu
  • Wen Tzu Chieh
Hebei Taipei Company

Eric Chou

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