Auf Ediths Spuren (dF)

Tracking Edith
Peter Stephan Jungk
AUT 2016
92 min

When she wasn’t working as a soviet agent, she was taking photos of London’s workers and street children. Being a secret agent doesn’t seem to have come naturally to the photographer Edith Tudor-Hart aka Edith Jungk. She was, nevertheless, successful in one important regard: she recruited Kim Philby, one of the Cambridge Five, a ring of spies working for the soviet Union. Edith Jungk was born Edith Suschitzky in 1908, in Vienna, she died 1973 in Brighton, England. Jungk’s mother was Edith’s cousin. The writer/filmmaker Peter Stephan Jungk tries to unravel the truth about his aunt’s life, in Austria, Great Britain and Russia. TRACKING EDITH is a documentary about the renowned photographer, about a spy with a conscience and about hidden secrets in a family.

In the presence of Peter Stephan Jungk and members of the film crew. 

  • Barbara Honigmann
  • Anna Kim
  • Wolfgang Thöner
  • Paul Broda
  • Julie Donat
  • Duncan Forbes
  • Wolf Suschitzky
  • Peter Suschitzky
  • Vlad Ketkovich
  • Misha Donat
  • Barry Mcloughlin
  • Peter Stephan Jungk
  • Jerzy Palacz
  • Andreas Hamza
  • Bettina Mazakarini
  • Rupert Huber
Peartree-Entertainment, Transmitterfilm


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