Rita Azevedo Gomes
P 2016
145 min

CORRESPONDÊNCIAS uses the rich correspondence between poets Sophie de Mello Breyner Andresen and Jorge de Sena to portray the long years of exile of the latter. De Sena, one of the most influential Portuguese intellectuals of the 20th century, weaves a delicate and cutting web through his many letters, connecting Portugal with his land of exile. The dialogue between the two poets, which is built on nostalgia and nourished by the incessant exchange of verse, is transformed into pure lyricism. Not a sterile and demonstrative lyricism, but one that is crystal clear and sincere. These letters are highly current, like a voice from the past denouncing a reality that’s frighteningly close. “Portugal is no longer my haven”, says the poet, a line that sounds so familiar to our ears it’s almost unreal, mundanely cruel. (Giorgia Del Don)

In the presence of Rita Azevedo Gomes

  • Luís Miguel Cintra - Engineer
  • Rita Durão - Herzogin
  • Eva Truffaut
  • Pierre Léon
  • Anna Leppänen
  • Rita Azevedo Gomes
  • Acácio de Almeida
  • Jorge Quintela
  • François Guillaume
  • Olivier Blanc
  • Patrícia Saramago
  • Rita Azevedo Gomes
  • Alexander Zekke


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