Roee Rosen
Israel 2008
58 min

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The Confessions of Roee Rosen begins with the artist's announcement that he is about to die. He disavows a career replete with lies, scandals, and fake identities. However, his confession are delivered by three surrogates - all foreign female workers residing in Israel - who deliver the monologues in Hebrew, a language they do not speak. Their monologues are based on Roee Rosen's life but are simultaneously plausible as statements a foreign worker might make. Tackling such charged themes as the exploitative representation of the Holocaust or scatological fantasies, the confessions constitute a peculiar speech act in which the speakers ignore what they say. (Manifesta 7, Trentino)
Hello. I am Roee Rosen. My days are numbered. I will soon be dead. I suffer. The pains are excruciating. Nothing will stop death this time. In fact, it is likely that now, as you watch me, my corpse already rots in its grave [Pause. Grips her head]. Those of you who heard of me, know that I have built my entire career on lies, scandals, obscene pictures, fake identities. I have pretended not to be myself. No more. It is urgent to do the right, difficult thing. You are about to hear [shouts:] The Confessions [quietly:] of Roee Rosen [Camera zooms-out to a mid-body shot, which is the default frame of the work]. (Roee Rosen 1, Prologue)

  • Ekaterina Navuschtanova
  • Francisca Panikar
  • Haddy
  • The Roee Rosen Confessions
  • Roee Rosen
  • Avner Shahaf
  • Nir Auerbuch
  • Tatiana Schnitke
  • Ben Hagari
  • The Roee Rosen Confessions Ensemble (Leitung: Dikla Baniel )
Roee Rosen P.O. Box 326 B'nai Zion 60910, Israel T 9 74 399 47

Roee Rosen P.O. Box 326 B'nai Zion 60910, Israel T 9 74 399 47

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