Michael Schindegger
AUT 2008
55 min

In the compartments of the «Dacia Express», the railroad service between Bucharest and Vienna, people of many different origins mingle. Filmmaker Michael Schindegger has embarked on this journey with his camera and talked with people who are using the line for different reasons: There are two Roma, who return home from Germany after having been cheated by their alleged employer; there is a Canadian tourist, who travels all across Europe, trying to visit as many cities as possible within a short time; and there is a man from Moldova who returns to his home country following a job interview in Vienna, as he neither liked the city nor the people. Dacia Express assembles stories and raises issues and prejudices that pave the way between East and West.

  • Michael Schindegger
  • Michael Schindegger
  • Michael Schindegger
Filmakademie Wien Metternichgasse 12 1030 Wien T 1 711 55 29 02

Michael Schindegger Große Stadtgutgasse 7/20 1020 Wien

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