Retrospektive 2013

Hardly Working

Jerry Lewis
USA 1980

It is no coincidence that the opening credits show scenes from past movies from Jerry Lewis, since he plays as an aging comedian (at the time of shooting he was 54) an aging clown, called Bo Hooper who loses his job in the beginning of the story. Disoriented he tries various jobs and they all end, not unsurprisingly, in comedy and disasters. So there only remains the public service! Via the detour of working as a postman Bo finally finds back to his ancestral clown-existence. Introduction: Chris Fujiwara

  • Jerry Lewis
  • Roger C. Carmel
  • Susan Oliver
  • Deanna Lund
  • Harold J. Stone
  • Steve Franken
  • Jerry Lewis
  • Michael Janover
  • Jack Dalton Sr.
  • James Pergola
  • Michael Luciano
  • Morton Stevens
  • Don K. Ivey
  • Linda Benedict
  • Igo Kantor
  • James J. McNamara
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
35 mm
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