Happy Happy Baby

Jan Soldat
DEU 2017
20 min

HAPPY HAPPY BABY is devoted to the phenomenon of adult babies, showing adults living out their desires for genuine closeness and sanctuary. In their games, it quickly becomes clear that sex is increasingly unimportant here, with a journey of exploration and the revelation of corporeality leading to a return to childishness for now, through to asexuality. In the end, two protagonists are together in a park somewhere in Berlin. Out on a photo excursion, with them posing for each other. (Dennis Vetter)

In the presence of Jan Soldat.

  • Jan Soldat
  • Jan Soldat
  • Lorenz Fischer
  • Marie Wilke
  • Jan Soldat
  • Tommy
  • Norbert
  • Svenni
  • Mike
  • Andy
Jan Soldat

Jan Soldat

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