Halbe Welt

Florian Flicker
AUT 1993
83 min

Half World, 6 a.m.: sirens are wailing. The streets empty quickly, windows are blacked out, people seek shelter underground. The sirens stop wailing. Silence. The sun rises over the dead city and fills Half World with its lethal light. Twelve hours later: sunset, all-clear signals, life returns to the city’s streets. Good night.
This film depicts the different techniques people use to survive in an artificial world – action, love, sex and violence. A cultural melee emerges from the various languages and ways of life in the megacities of Half World. Katz is a dealer and roams the city selling old postcards of a natural world that was destroyed long ago. Herzog stands on the roof of his house every morning, armed with a chronograph, trying to pass through the sunrise. The “Whites” have monopolized the past and use old pictures of nature to produce electronic illusions for an invisible elite. The “Blacks” seize the “illusion machines” and manipulate them. And the two worlds come together in Sunny’s “Day Bar”.

Preceding HALBE WELT, three early short films by Florian Flicker are going to be presented:
Lebenslauf (Florian Flicker, Austria 1986, 2:20 min.)
Landscape (Florian Flicker und Markus Brandt, Austria 1986, 3 min.)
Berliner Skizzen (Florian Flicker, Frank Adams und Jörg Lange, Austria/Germany 1986, 2 min.)

  • Rainer Egger - Herzog
  • Dani Levy - Katz
  • Maria Schrader - Sunny
  • Mercedes Echerer - Sina
  • Goran Rebic - Repro
  • Florian Flicker/Michael Sturminger
  • Jerzy Palacz
  • Bernhard Weirather
  • Bernhard Weirather
  • Lonesome Andi Haller Band
  • Renate Martin
  • Andreas Donhauser
  • Anette Schröder
Allegro Film

Allegro Film

Filmladen Filmverleih
35 mm
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