Pas son genre

Not My Type
Lucas Belvaux
FRA, B 2013
111 min

Clément, a Parisian philosophy teacher, is upset to learn that he has been reassigned to teach a class in small-town Arras for one full year. “We knew philology led to disaster”, his father haughtily tells him. “Now we know philosophy leads to Arras.” reeling from the shock of living a suburban life in Northern France, Clément finds a ray of sunshine in Jennifer, a local hairdresser and single mother with a beautiful smile. Although very clearly attracted to each other, their initially charming cultural differences – he enjoys pontificating about Kant and Dostoevsky, while she loves gossip magazines, Jennifer Aniston films, and karaoke – soon give way to deeper problems ingrained in their respective insecurities, shortcomings, and fears. Based on the novel by Philippe Vilain, PAS SON GENRE is a literate, heartfelt, across-the-tracks drama that questions whether affection is truly enough to sustain a romantic relationship.

  • Emilie Dequenne - Jennifer
  • Loïc Corbery - Clément
  • Sandra Nkaké - Cathy
  • Charlotte Talpaert - Nolwenn
  • Anne Coesens - Hélène Pasquier-Legrand
  • Lucas Belvaux
  • Pierric Gantelmi d’Ille
  • Henri Morelle
  • Ludo Troch
  • Frédéric Vercheval
  • Frédérique Belvaux
  • Nathalie Raoul
  • «Pas son genre» von Philippe Vilain
Agat Films/Ex Nihilo, Artémis Productions, France 3 Cinéma, RTBF, Belgacom

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