Yaron Zilberman
Israel, FRA, USA 2004
80 min

Watermarks is the intriguing story of the legendary Jewish Sport Club, Hakoah Vienna, formed in 1909 and destroyed by the Nazis in March, 1938. Director Yaron Zilberman tells the story through the eyes of seven women, aged 81-85, all former champion swimmers at the club, who tell their individual stories from their current home environments, located across three continents; then, they return, as a group, to Vienna, the City of Dreams they were once forced to flee. In this journey they evoke and relive their youth, early femininity, lost memories, and lifelong bonds.

  • Yaron Zilberman
  • Tom Hurwitz
  • Tully Chen
  • Yuval Shar
  • Ruben Korenfeld
Zadig Productions 30W. 61st street, 16D New York, NY 10023, USA T 917 376 2224

Cinephil Philippa Kowarsky 18 Levontin Street Tel Aviv 65112, Israel T 3 566 41 29

35 mm
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