Wen Zhu
Hongkong 2001
90 min

Having fallen out of an affair, 21-year-old prostitute Xiaomei arrives in Beihaide, a sleepy town 300 km away from Beijing. Without any idea of a destination, she checks into an almost vacant hotel. She meets a young man in the corridor of her floor. They exchange a short conversation. The next morning, the man, supposedly a poet, is found to have committed suicide. Xiaomei is questioned by Deng, a middle-aged local policeman. It is not long for Deng to to be able to guess at Xiaomei's profession and her intention of seeking suicide in Beihaide as well. A complicated relationship between the girl and the policeman develops.

  • Jinzi - Zhang Xiaomei
  • Cheng Taisheng - Deng Jianguo
  • Zhu We
  • Liu Yonghong
  • Gao Ying
  • Zhu Wen
  • Gao Jianxin
  • Fang Xuling
Thought Dance Entertainment17/F, Xiu Ping Commercial Bldg.104 Jervois Street, Sheung WanHongkong SAR, ChinaT 2751 1886F 2750 4862

Golden Network Asia Ltd.Unit 1803A, Nanyang Plaza57 Hung To Road, Kwun TongHongkong SAR, ChinaT 2751 1886

35 mm
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