Hong Sangsoo
Südkorea 2006
127 min

Even for those who already recognize Hong Sangsoo as a filmmaker of great psychological sensitivity and refinement, his latest offering comes as an unexpected delight: It is the most sheerly enjoyable and satisfying film of his career. Chang-Wook is a film director trying to complete his script who stumbles into relationships with two women he meets at an off-season seaside resort. In the process, he lays bare the destructive patterns of his behavior and generates material for his new film. Even as Woman on the Beach brilliantly explores one of Hong's enduring themes - the Korean male psyche in all its willfulness, anger and self-contempt -, it brings its female characters to the forefront in a revelatory new way. A luminous performance by superstar TV actress Ko Hyun-Jeong, who chose to make her film debut with Hong, imbues the film with warmth, intelligence and hard-won optimism. (New York Film Festival)

  • Kim Seung-Woo - Joong-Rae
  • Ko Hyun-Jeong - Moon-Sook
  • Kim Tae-woo - Chang-Wook
  • Song Sun-Mi - Sun-Hee
  • Hong Sangsoo
  • Kim Hyung-koo
  • An Sang-Ho
  • Hahm Sung-Won
  • Jeong Yong-Jin
bom Film Production 3f Yuhyun Building 21-16 Chungdam-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul 135-955, Südkorea T 2 34 45 61 99

Mirovision Inc. 5f Boam Building 528 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul 135-888, Südkorea T 2 34 43 25 53

35 mm
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