K.j. Baby
Indien 2003
85 min

Guda is the celebration of creative communing, in theme as well as in the process. Persons from Paniya, Kattu Nayka and other tribal communities of Wayanad in the Indian state of Kerala got together at the commune «Kanavu» and took part in this film making, guided by the author and activist K.J. Baby and his students. The financial assistance and technical co-ordination was provided by Habeeb K., a Marine engineer and true cinephile, who dreamt of an original feature document from the tribal milieu of Kerala through «Kanavu».

  • Manglu - Lechu
  • Shanti - Nannaru
  • Karappi - Hechi
  • C.V. Thomas - Mothali
  • Meena - Devaki
  • Saji - Kalan
  • Mini - Bommi
  • K.j. Baby
  • Kannan
  • Harikumar
  • Vijayakumar
  • K.j. Baby
  • Kanav
  • Kanav
Habeeb K. / Kaviri Films B3, East Valley Apts. Calidut-673017, Kerala, Indien T 94 95 32 28 07

Habeeb K. B3, East Valley Apts. Calidut-673017, Kearala, Indien T 94 95 32 28 07

Brigitte Schulze
35 mm
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