Good Time

Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie
USA, LUX 2017
100 min

The Safdie brothers continue the exploration of the social underbelly of New York. GOOD TIME is replete with drugs, crime and White Castle, and is propelled by both Sean Price Williams’ jolting cinematography and a pulsating electronic score. Robert Pattinson plays Connie, a shiftless malefactor from Queens who ropes his intellectually disabled brother Nick into a botched bank robbery that ends with Nick’s arrest. Connie tries to bust him out, but his hapless efforts begin a night of frenzied meandering through the New York night, taking him through brightly lit hospital wards, a West Indian family’s home and a drug dealer’s garish apartment. Played at a hyperactive pitch that is sustained throughout the proceedings, GOOD TIME invigorates the viewer with its stylistic pyrotechnics, but also brings us deep into Connie’s tangled psyche. (Daniel Fairfax)

  • Robert Pattinson - Connie
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh - Corey
  • Barkad Abdi - Dash
  • Ben Safdie - Nick
  • Buddy Duress - Ray
  • Joshua Safdie
  • Ronald Bronstein
  • Sean Price Williams
  • Ryan M. Price
  • Benny Safdie
  • Ronald Bronstein
  • Daniel Lopatin
  • Sam Lisenco
  • Miyako Bellizzi
Elara Pictures, Rhea Films LLC, Hercules Film Investments

Memento Films

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