Ryu san (OmeU)

Mr. Long
Japan, Hongkong, China, Taiwan, DEU 2017
129 min

Professional hitman Long takes on an assignment in Japan. When things go awry, he has to flee. Badly injured, he takes refuge in a deserted part of a small town. A young boy brings him water and clothing. Long installs himself in one of the dilapidated houses where he prepares simple meals for the eight-year-old Jun. Soon, people are queuing up for Long’s noodle soup. Lily, Jun’s mother who is a drug addict, manages to kick her habit with Long’s help.
The search for a way out of a spiral of violence, for a quiet life and emotional security are topics that pervade director Sabu’s oeuvre. Seamlessly stringing together the rugged vernacular of gangster films with the tender moments of a burgeoning love story, his new work combines perfectly choreographed outbreaks of violence with contemplative cooking scenes and surprising moments of slapstick comedy. (Berlinale)

  • Chang Chen - Long
  • Aoyagi Sho - Kenji
  • Yao Yiti - Lily
  • Bai Runyin - Jun
  • Arifuku Masashi - Heisuke
  • Suwa Taro - Tadao
  • Okusa Ritsuko - Kumiko
  • Sabu
  • Furuya Koichi
  • Furuya Masashi
  • Georg Petzold
  • Matsumoto Junichi
  • Hayashi China
  • Koiso Kazuyo
Live Max Film, LDH Pictures, BLK2 Pictures, Kaohsiung Film Fund, Rapid Eye Movies

Jet Tone Films

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