Golden Exits

Alex Ross Perry
USA 2017
95 min

It’s April and Naomi has come to New York from Australia to work for Nick, an archivist cataloguing the materials belonging to his partner Alyssa’s dead father. Nick was given the job by her sister Gwen; both are suspicious of Nick’s preference for female assistants. Naomi doesn’t know anyone in the city apart from her childhood acquaintance Buddy. He runs his own recording studio and employed Jess to run it; she later became his wife. Her best friend Sam is Gwen’s personal assistant; Gwen isn’t easy.
Naomi and Jess are in their twenties; Sam and Buddy in their thirties; Nick, Alyssa and Gwen in their forties; none of them are happy. It’s there in their faces, captured in tight close-ups which amplify the stubborn sense of discontent. Naomi’s arrival awakens things that could be, that might have been, that never will be. Each generation covets the other’s privileges while quietly forgetting its own. New York is even more beautiful as spring moves into summer, but the warm light doesn’t penetrate the cold interiors, which only grow darker. Naomi was always going to leave again and was always going to leave an impression, now it’s only about leaving with grace. (James Lattimer)

On Oct 22 in the presence of Alex Ross Perry.

  • Emily Browning - Naomi
  • Jason Schwartzman - Buddy
  • Adam Horovitz - Nick
  • Chloë Sevigny - Alyssa
  • Mary-Louise Parker - Gwendolyn
  • Alex Ross Perry
  • Sean Price Williams
  • Ryan Price
  • Robert Greene
  • Keegan DeWitt
  • Fletcher Chancey
  • Scott Kuzio
  • Amanda Ford
Nineties Roamer, Faliro House Productions, Forager Film Company, Webber Gilbert Media, Washington Square Films, Bow and Arrow Entertainment


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