Alain Gomis
FRA, Senegal, B, DEU, Libanon 2017
123 min

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans, goes the old saying – though for the variously stymied characters of Félicité, life hits them when they have no plan at all. A loose, vibrant fourth feature film from Franco-Senegalese director Alain Gomis, FÉLICITÉ likewise builds to a fever of energy and activity while never sketching out more than the bones of a narrative: it’s a film in which a hard-earned smile, the contact between one person’s skin and another’s, or a serene strain of music amid the everyday noise can qualify as a dramatic event. Following a proudly independent club singer through the ragged streets of Kinshasa as she seeks a way to save her hospitalized son, Gomis’ latest is far from the miserablist issue drama that synopsis portends, instead weaving a sensual, sometimes hopeful, sometimes disturbing urban tapestry with threads of image, sound, poetry, and song. (Guy Lodge)

  • Véro Tshanda Beya - Félicité
  • Gaetan Claudia - Samo
  • Papi Mpaka - Tabu
  • Alain Gomis
  • Céline Bozon
  • Benoît de Clerck
  • Fabrice Rouaud
  • The Kasaï Allstars
  • Oumar Sall (le grand)
  • Nadine Ostobogo Boucher
  • Emma Zola
Andolfi, Granit Films, Cinekap


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