Larry Cohen
USA 1975

A religious New York cop investigates a series of seemingly motiveless sniper murders by ordinary people possessed by a Christ-like demon. The killers, when asked why they did it, answer with “God told me to.” “God” turns out to be a pale, loghaired half-breed alien whose mother, now in a rest home, was impregnated by beings from a flying saucer.
My theory was that if a superbeing was born on earth, like Clark Kent, let’s say the Superman story is treated realistically, so this kid is born, he can see through walls, he call fly, he has superpowers and everything. He goes to church every Sunday and he hears about Jesus Christ. He knows he can do all these things that no other human can do, so he has to figure he’s Jesus Christ reincarnated, right? (Lary Cohen)

  • Jeffrey Hayes
  • Larry Cohen
  • Paul Glickman
  • Halston
  • Frank Cordell
  • Tony Lo Bianco - Peter Nicholas
  • Deborah Raffin - Casey Forster
  • Sandy Dennis - Martha Nicholas
  • Sylvia Sidney - Elizabeth Mullin
  • Sam Levene - Everett Lukas
  • Robert Drivas - David Morten
  • Mike Corey
  • Arthur Mandelberg
  • William J. Waters
New World Pictures
Larco Productions
16 mm
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