Special: Fritz Kortner

Die Geliebte des Gouverneurs

Friedrich Fehér
DEU 1927
86 min

Fritz Kortner acts the part of the brutal, intellectually rather limited son of a governor, who covers up his insecurity by flying into a rage and imitating a little lion. Armed with a whip, he sets out to punish an impertinent servant who had dared to confront him in the presence of others; after a smart ellipsis we find him purring like a pussycat (while she is now holding the whip). In addition to such a brilliant start, the character evolves even further: When his father steps back from office, the new governor becomes a pawn in the hands of politicians and military men hungry for power; under their influence, he even considers giving up his mistress, but is incapable of doing so. Instead, he stands up to those involved in the intrigue. Aware of his inability to face up to them in the long run, he rises up to tragic greatness.” (Martin Girod)
The film, whose script was co-authored by Kortner in collaboration with Friedrich Fehér, had disappeared for a long time. It was restored and is now available at the Austrian Filmarchiv.

Piano accompaniment by Florian Reithner.

  • Magda Sonja
  • Otto Wallburg - Kommissar Kleinsilber
  • Fritz Kortner - The governor's son; in the working version: Zarewitsch Alexander
  • Eberhard Leithoff
  • Friedrich Fehkort (Friedrich Fehér and Fritz Kortner)
  • Karl Hasselmann
  • Max Knaake
National-Film AG, Berlin
35 mm
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