John Gianvito


John Gianvito
USA 1983
75 min

A semi-autobiographical film about an adolescent relationship, about emotional illiterates of a particular age and milieu. Structured as a series of fragments - so called «shards of memory» -, the film follows the progressive dissolution of the affair in search for clues to its undoing. Quite simply a film about people who do not yet know how to love one another.
«I wrote out a series of fragmentary scenes, attempting to strip away as much personal anecdotal as possible, and concentrating on uncovering within each scene the disruptions, the unconscious and conscious mistakes. (...) For the lead, I flew my close friend, filmmaker Tom Conser, across the country to essentially play me, and we shot very quickly in a week's time with a 1:1 shooting ratio. (...) I found myself agreeing with Jean Eustache who once remarked: «I don't believe that films can solve my problems, actually they make the problems last a little bit longer!» (John Gianvito)

After ]]>The Flower of pain]]> the short film Expurgation will be screened.

  • Tom Conser
  • Ruth Gamache
  • Wendelin Glatzel
  • Melodie Arterberry
  • John Gianvito
  • John Gianvito
  • John Gianvito
  • Rachel Strickland
  • John Gianvito
  • Moe Shore
  • Burt Rosenburg
  • Marek Zalewski
  • John Gianvito
  • Darryl Desmond
  • Roberta Flack
  • Heitor Villa-Lobos
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Traveling Light Productions 10 Mt. Vernon Street #3 Arlington, MA 02476, USA T 781 483 3211

16 mm
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