La Fièvre

A Spell of Fever
Safia Benhaim
FRA, Marokko 2014
42 min

Morocco, 2011. On a feverish night, a child perceives a ghost, a woman who has come from the sea, coming home after a long political exile. A silent tale, a bodyless voice and visions mingle in the dark of the night and the fever. The child of the present and the political refugee are now one, travelling together to a strange building haunted by lost memories. History of decolonization and forgotten political fights appear and disappear. But a new struggle, the Arab Spring of Morocco, floods the past.
“I wanted to build a bridge, a link, between a forgotten fight for Marxist ideals born a few years after Morocco’s decolonization and new political horizons recently widened there. But my evocation of this passageway had to be very fragmented, like a dream, in keeping with my particularly split link to my parents’ country. For LA FIÈVRE, I invented a kind of political ghost story to evoke the tale of an exiled woman whose possessed mental state I entered and whose need to make words and thoughts appear I shared. Around her runs music as a feverish flow, making images appear little by little like visions extracted from oblivion.” (Safia Benhaim)

In the presence of Safia Benhaim.

  • Safia Benhaim
  • Safia Benhaim
  • Josefina Rodriguez
  • Mathieu Farnarier
  • Mathias Bouffier
  • Arthur B. Gillette
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Air Rytmo

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