Un jeune poète

A Young Poet
Damien Manivel
FRA 2014
71 min

Rémi’s dream is both simple and incredibly ambitious: he wants to be a poet. He would like to know how to sublimate reality with words and celebrate life and tell the wonders of the Mediterranean landscape through which he nonchalantly wanders. And it’s not by chance that he’s chosen to spend the summer in the southern French town of Sète, where a famous poet, his idol, is buried in its lovely seaside cemetery. After all, Rémi is only 17, and everything seems new and grand. Love burns his stomach – butterflies again. Nature’s indifference to the young man’s calls feels cruel. But if the famous poet were to grant Rémi the response that he couldn’t get from the skies and the waves, perhaps his wandering wouldn’t be so aimless? (Aurélie Godet)

In the presence of Damien Manivel.

  • Rémi Taffanel - Rémi
  • Enzo Vassallo - Enzo
  • Léonore Fernandes - Léonore
  • Damien Manivel
  • Julien Guillery
  • Isabel Pagliai
  • Simon Apostolou
  • Nicolas Pansieri
  • Jérôme Petit
  • Suzana Pedro
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