Jerzy Skolimowski
GBR 1982
97 min

MOONLIGHTING is about exile, not in the abstract but in the particular situation of a young Pole named Nowak (Jeremy Irons), who has gone to London from Warsaw with four colleagues to remodel a mews house for a wealthy Polish businessman, a commuter between Warsaw and London. The crew has four weeks in which to do the job, which begins as an exotic lark in a foreign land ...
Working in a style that appears to have little connection with any of his earlier films, including the French-language LE DEPART and the English-language THE SHOUT, Jerzy Skolimowski, the Polish film maker who has been living in England for years, has made a new film of the sort of introspective intensity seldom achieved on the screen. (Vincent Canby, “New York Times”, 1982)

From the collection ot the Harvard Film Archive

  • Jeremy Irons - Nowak
  • Eugene Lipinski - Banaszak
  • Jirí Stanislav - Wolski
  • Eugeniusz Haczkiewicz - Kudaj
  • Jerzy Skolimowski
  • Tony Pierce Roberts
  • David Stephenson
  • Barrie Vince
  • Stanley Myers
  • Tony Woollard
  • Jane Robinson
Michael White Productions
Goldcrest Films International
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