Fei cui zhi cheng

City Of Jade
Midi Z
Taiwan, Myanmar 2016

Midi Z’s older brother left the family, when Midi was five years old. He just meets him one more time at the funeral of their father. For CITY OF JADE he joins his brother in Myanmar to shoot this movie.
“For years, a photo has hung in our living room in which my father faces the camera, smoking while my mother cooks noodles behind him. In the background is a muddy street in a market. My mother told me that the photo was taken by a mad photographer in Jade City in 1990. Later I followed my oldest brother to Jade City to make a documentary. When people saw me with a camera, they always asked me to take photos of them. Many times while shooting FEI CUI ZHI CHENG I could not see through the viewfinder; it appeared to simply not be there. Moreover, the ideas of ‘frame’ and ‘composition’, or concepts such as ‘aesthetics’, ‘poetic feel’, and ‘image’ as analyzed in cinema studies did not seem to exist either. Back then, they meant nothing, let alone helping me explain what was happening before my eye.” (Midi Z)

  • Zhao Deching
  • Midi Z
  • Wu Pei-Chi
  • Tu Duu-chih
  • Midi Z
  • Wang Fu-ang
  • Midi Z
  • Lin Sheng-wen
  • Lim Giong
Seashore Image, Myanmar Montage

Seashore Image

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