Tribute Ed Lachman

Far From Heaven

Dem Himmel so fern
Todd Haynes
USA 2002
108 min

A gorgeous, absolutely faithful recreation of suburban life in 50s America, a time when father knew best, when wives kept the house pristine, the double-finned Chevrolet adorned the driveway, and children addressed their dads as Sir. Cinematographer Ed Lachman, production designer Mark Friedberg, and costume designer Sandy Powell have unerringly recreated the surface of the times, and director Todd Haynes has provided the substance. The virtuoso Far from Heaven is the culmination of Haynes career, one of the most beautiful, provocative and intelligent films we will see this year.

  • Julianne Moore - Cathy Whitaker
  • Dennis Quaid - Frank Whitaker
  • Dennis Haysbert - Raymond Deagan
  • Patricia Clarkson - Eleanor Fine
  • Viola Davis - Sybil
  • Todd Haynes
  • Ed Lachman
  • James Lyons
  • Elmer Bernstein
  • Mark Friedberg
  • Sandy Powell
Killer Films, John Wells Productions, Section Eight

TF 1 18 quai du Point du Jour 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, Frankreich T 1 41 41 17 63,

35 mm
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