Tribute Ed Lachman


Paul Schrader
USA 1991
103 min

Schraders eerie, meditative Light Sleeper is a film that relies heavily on shadows, both literal and figurative. Starring Willem Dafoe as a reformed drug addict still moonlighting for a high-powered white-collar drug kingpin Susan Sarandon and suddenly confronted with the prospect of unemployment when she opts to back away from the biz. There are cricks and twists aplenty, crooked two-timers and a melancholic love affair nearly renewed with the wonderful Dana Delany but most of the movie is more internal than external, a fact that was lost on most critics at the time. (Wade Major)

  • Willem Dafoe - John LeTour
  • Susan Sarandon - Ann
  • Dana Delany - Marianne Joseph
  • David Clennon - Robert
  • Mary Beth Hurt - Teresa Aranov
  • Victor Garber - Tis
  • Jane Adams - Randy Joseph
  • Paul Jabara - Eddie
  • Sam Rockwell - Jealous
  • Paul Schrader
  • Ed Lachman
  • Wendy Hedin
  • Kristina Boden
  • Michael Been
  • Richard Hornung
  • Richard Hornung
Grain of Sand Productions

Le Studio Canal+/Studio Canal Image Espace Lumière 5/13 Blvd de la Republique 92514 Boulogne-Billancourt, Frankreich T 1 71 75 88 35 F 1 71 75 89 86

35 mm
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