Exit Elena

Nathan Silver
USA 2012
72 min

With no place to call home, 19-year-old Elena takes a job as a live-in aide. She finds herself thrust into the middle of a family in crisis: all the things that go on between a father, grandmother, mother, and cat. Eventually, Elena strikes something of a balance though... That is, until the prodigal son returns home. Placing fictional characters alongside real people, EXIT ELENA is shot through with all the rough edges inherent to family life and home-movie form – in short, it’s a dark comedy. 

“Watching EXIT ELENA, I see the summer I lived two years ago. When you shoot a movie with your girlfriend and your mother playing versions of themselves, and assorted family friends and neighbors as cast and crew, the result reflects more of how it was made than what’s there ... at least for me. (...) That certain chaotic tenderness that shakes every scene of the movie is there in part because it actually was a family gathering gone awry.” (Nathan Silver)

In the presence of Nathan Silver.





  • Kia Davis - Elena
  • Cindy Silver - Cindy
  • Jim Chiros - Jim
  • Gert O’Connell - Florence
  • Nathan Silver - Nathan
  • Nathan Silver
  • Kia Davis
  • David Dahlbom
  • Arjun G. Sheth
  • Cody Stokes
  • Nathan Silver
  • Kia Davis
  • Washington Phillips


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