Michael Almereyda
USA 2016
88 min

ESCAPES is an idiosyncratic, collage-style look at the films and life of Hampton Fancher, whose moderately successful acting career over nearly 20 years would ultimately be eclipsed by his first foray into screenwriting: He wrote the original drafts adapting Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric sheep?” into what became BLADE RUNNER.
What ESCAPES illustrates is the nature of a journeyman career in the twilight years of the old studio system, as we see Fancher play innumerable playboys, best buddies, cads and so forth. The documentary is also a reminder how much of screen acting consists of nuts-and-bolts drudge-work: shots of people listening, walking, driving, opening doors, and so forth, which cinematic glue is reshaped into this collage narrative. (Dennis Harvey)

In the presence of Michael Almereyda

  • Hampton Fancher
  • Michael Almereyda
  • Piibe Kolka
  • Rob Daly
  • Piibe Kolka
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