Art Theatre Guild


Ferner Donner
Negishi Kichitarô
Japan 1981
135 min

The film <i>Enrai</i>, scripted by Arai Haruhiko, is based on a novel by Tatematsu Wahei. For this film, Director Negishi Kichitarô utilized a very unique visual style to depict the Japan of the early 1980s. This work is a prime example of an ATG film; a joint effort between Nikkatsu Studio, New Century Producers, and the Art Theatre Guild. As someone who has viewed many works of Japanese New Cinema from both major Japanese film companies and up and coming young filmmakers, I get the strong impression that the new ATG films offer a look at what real orthodox Japanese filmmaking is all about. <i>Enrai</i> is one work that offers candid proof of this.
(Shirai Yoshio, in: «Art Theatre», No. 146)

  • Nagashima Toshiyuki - Wada Mitsuo
  • Johnny Ôkura - Nakamori Kôji
  • Ishida Eri - Hanamori Ayako
  • Yokoyama Rie - Kaede
  • Casey Takamine - Mitsuos Vater
  • Nanao Reiko - Mitsuos Mutter
  • Hara Sen - Mitsuos Großmutter
  • Fujita Yumiko - Chii
  • Kanie Keizô - ihr Mann
  • Takahashi Akira - Ayakos Vater
  • Sakamaki Shôko - Ayakos Mutter
  • Yoshihara Masaaki - Kôjis Vater
  • Negishi Akemi - Kôjis Mutter
  • Morimoto Reo - Wada Tetsuo
  • Kanuma Eri - Wada Toshie
  • Tatematsu Wahei - Mann von Genossenschaft
  • Etô Jun - Mann von Genossenschaft
Produktion Art Theatre Guild of Japan, Nikkatsu, New Century Producers
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