I diari di Angela - Noi due cineasti

Yervant Gianikian, Angela Ricci Lucchi
I 2018

The death of Angela Ricci Lucchi early this year didn’t come out of the blue: She was aware of the fact that her days were numbered, as the last scenes of I DIARI DI ANGELA show; and as always, she kept her calm in the face of the inevitable, so as to better appreciate things for the last time, like harvesting some fruits she knew she wouldn’t get to taste herself. She probably knew that her companion, Yervant Gianikian, would create this cenotaph in memory of the decades they’d shared. The latter being the key word here: I DIARI DI ANGELA is a film about the two of them, always together since the mid-1970’s, thus  starting with moments from a short she started and he finished with superimpositions – a perfect image for their symbiotic relationship. Gianikian chose to delve not too deeply into their artistic process – or maybe he does when he shows them walking through ruins in Sarajevo looking at the devastation around, or drinking and singing with Walter Chiari in Armenia. For living, it seems, was the greatest art for Angela Ricci Lucchi and Yervant Gianikian. Their films, drawings, installations and performances were merely traces they chose to leave behind. (Olaf Möller)

In the presence of Yervant Gianikian.

  • Yervant Gianikian
  • Angela Ricci Lucchi
  • Yervant Gianikian
  • Yervant Gianikian
  • Luca Previtali
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In Between Art Film

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