De jueves a domingo

Thursday Till Sunday
Dominga Sotomayor
Chile, NL 2012
96 min

This Chilean road movie is set almost entirely in and around the car belonging to a middle-class family on a four-day trip to the north of Chile. We occasionally catch a glimpse of marital problems, but the crisis is largely implicit. For instance, we often only see the backs of the silent parents’ heads, seen from the perspective of the children in the back seat, who only have a partial idea of what is going on. The journey that starts so cheerfully with all kinds of games in the car quickly acquires melancholy undertones: the children only want to go to the beach, while the father is heading for a new life in another apartment and the mother primarily yearns for a place which no longer exists, where everything remains the same as it was. 

In the presence of Dominga Sotomayor.

  • Santi Ahumada - Lucía
  • Emiliano Freifeld - Manuel
  • Paola Giannini - Ana
  • Francisco Pérez-Bannen - Vater
  • Dominga Sotomayor
  • Bárbara Álvarez
  • Roberto Espinoza
  • Catalina Marín Duarte
  • Danielle Fillios
  • Estefanía Larraín
  • Juana Díaz
Forastero, Cinestación, Circe Films

FiGa Films

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