Sara Fattahi
Syrian Arab Republic, Libanon 2015

The film shows the microcosm of three generations of women from one family. In detailed observation their movements between the present and an ever existing past is followed as their lives intersect while living together in one house. Coexisting, but separated by the age and time that each carry in them, they share their painful experiences and search for a way of life in the loss and agony of the war around them. Their lives overlapped with the events of Damascus, their city and constant reference, they watch while its organs slowly shut down, as if – just like its population – it is dying from a long coma.

In the presence of Sara Fattahi.

  • Sara Fattahi
  • Raed Younan
  • Sara Fattahi
  • Raya Yamisha
Sara Fattahi, Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts, Screen Institute Beirut

Sara Fattahi

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