Retrospective 2016

The Color of Money

Die Farbe des Geldes
Martin Scorsese
USA 1986
120 min

THE COLOR OF MONEY picks up the character of “Fast” Eddie Felson 25 years after he walked out of Chalkie’s pool hall into the exhausted dawn at the end of Robert Rossens film. In the person of Paul Newman the former hustler has aged with remarkable grace and his view of the world less cynical than barroom-pragmatic. Today Eddie is a genial, silver-haired liquor salesman, immaculately dressed in the leisure wear that spells “class” to his customers. He’s a fund of the kind of stories that sound best when told late in the afternoon, over a shot glass of Wild Turkey with beer as a chaser, to whatever bartender is the last of his calls for the day. Eddie travels light in a big white Cadillac. In fact, he’s a modern-day Flying Dutchman, a myth in polyester, doomed to move forever from one barroom to the next, never stopping very long in any one place for fear that his curse will catch up with him. (Vincent Canby)

“I always found the character of Eddie Felson really interesting. It had a lot to do with the characters in my other films. He was pulled in the same forces like them.” (Martin Scorsese)

  • Paul Newman - «Fast» Eddie Felson
  • Tom Cruise - Vincent Lauria
  • Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - Carmen
  • Helen Shaver - Janelle
  • John Turturro - Julian
  • Bill Cobbs - Orvis
  • Forest Whitaker - Amos
  • Richard Price
  • Michael Ballhaus
  • Glenn Williams
  • Jeffrey A. Williams
  • Thelma Schoonmaker
  • Robbie Robertson
  • Karen O’Hara
  • Boris Leven
  • Richard Bruno
Touchstone Pictures, Silver Screen Partners II

Buena Vista Distribution Co.

35 mm
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