Philipp Fleischmann
AUT 2007, 2009
6 min

At 24 frames per second the human eye is able to perceive a moving image - and thus creates the prerequisite for the most important effect of the illusionary game called \"cinema\". Philipp Fleischmann breaks with this illusion by using a complex technique that no longer makes film appear as a succession of single images, but - by way of comparison - like an image created in one go. In fact, however, the effect is so unique that it cannot be compared with anything at all. Except, perhaps, with the dissolution of space gravity.

This film is part of the short film program Kurzfilmprogramm 2.

  • Philipp Fleischmann
Philipp Fleischmann

Philipp Fleischmann, Brückengasse 6/2/3, 1060 Wien, T +43 650 775 77 68,

16 mm
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