Sara Fattahi
AUT, Syrian Arab Republic, Libanon, Katar 2018
95 min

TRAUMA has its own implacable logic. In Sara Fattahi’s second feature, which unites the stories of three Syrian women physically separated by distance, one woman says, “Everyone knew that for a period of time the sun wouldn’t come out, because everyone was going to die.” This forceful statement expresses the desire to overcome nature’s profound indifference, to make it one with the sufferer. Fattahi’s film captures trauma’s eternal return: A woman locks herself up in her apartment in Damascus, another takes her haunted memories of family and war with her to Sweden and channels them into her art, yet another walks the streets and an art museum in Vienna.
The traumatic body is fragmented, revived by stories it contains yet always alone, whether in stasis or motion. Fattahi constructs her film like a mosaic: Sometimes with extreme close-ups of faces, other times backs turned to us, faces obscured by darkness or glass, or doubled and murky, with a visual approach between the blunt objectivity of such portrait photographers as Rineke Dijkstra and the density of Dutch oil painting. The distinct music of the women’s words haunts us as much as their meaning – an invitation to secret worlds. (Ela Bittencourt)

In the presence of Sara Fattahi and members of the crew.

CHAOS by Sara Fattahi - Trailer from Little Magnet Films on Vimeo.

  • Raja
  • Heba
  • Jaschka Lämmert
  • Sara Fattahi
  • Sara Fattahi
  • Bruno Pisek
  • Sara Fattahi
  • Raya Yamisha
  • Nadim Husni
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