Elfriede Jelinek zum Geburtstag


Jacques Tourneur
USA 1942
73 min

Producer Val Lewton always put his own touch to a film. Cat People is an atmosphere picture, which, while not truly terrifying, is totally gripping: Kent Smith meets a small, kittenish Serbian girl, Irena, who is drawing stark fantasies of the panthers in the zoo. Irena lives a totally secluded life, in a house overlooking the zoo, where she surrounds herself with ornaments and pictures of cats, and listens to the panthers crying at night. Irena makes life difficult for her would-be suitor, for she is convinced that she is descended from a village of witches, and if she ever gets angry, emotional or passionate, she will transform into a giant, vicious cat and kill at random. Simone Simon gives such a believable performance as the beleaguered girl that we have to feel sorry for her, even if she is crazy. (Martin Hunt)

  • Tom Conway
  • Kent Smith
  • Jane Randolph
  • Simone Simon
  • DeWitt Bodeen
  • Nicholas Musuraca
  • John L. Cass
  • Mark Robson
  • Roy Webb
  • Albert D'Agostino
  • Al Fields
  • Renié
RKO Radio Pictures
KirchMedia Betastr. 1 85774 Unterföhring, Deutschland T 89 99 56 22 55 F 89 99 56 27 51
35 mm
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