Elfriede Jelinek zum Geburtstag


Herk Harvey
USA 1962
80 min

Mary Henry is the only survivor of a carful of three girls that crashes off a bridge. Immediately afterwards, she abruptly leaves town and accepts a job as a church organist in a small town in Utah. But as she settles into a boarding house there, she is haunted by a ghostly man, while experiencing strange disjunctions where she cannot hear and nobody can see her. At the same time she is mysteriously drawn to and becomes very afraid of the abandoned pavilion on the edge of town. This low-budget, independently-made black-and-white film is one of the real sleepers of 60ies fantasy cinema. While highly acclaimed, none of the people involved ever worked in the industry again, and it was little seen until a major revival in 1988.

  • Candace Hilligoss
  • Herk Harvey
  • Sidney Berger
  • Frances Feist
  • Stan Levitt
  • John Clifford
  • Herk Harvey
  • Maurice Prather
  • Ed Down
  • Don Jessup
  • Bill De Jarnette
  • Dan Palmquist
  • Gene Moore
Harcourt Productions
MFA+ Filmdistribution e.K. Bismarckplatz 9 93047 Regensburg, Deutschland T 941 586 24 62 sandra.meyerhofer@mfa-film.de
35 mm
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