Rigoberto Pérezcano
Mexico 2014
80 min

Mabel, a singer, returns to her home town Juchitan in the South of Mexico, where traditionally many transsexuals, known as muxe, live. She’s looking for the murderer of her friend Daniela, a muxe like herself, who was killed by 27 stab wounds in the back. For Mabel, the search becomes a journey into a past full of nostalgia and painful memories. And a trip into a dark world of betrayal and social ostracization. CARMÍN TROPICAL is a poetic transgender drama with the plot of a tense thriller.

  • José Pecina - Mabel
  • Luis Alberti - Modesto
  • Juan Carlos Medellín - Darina
  • Marco Pétriz - Comandante Rómulo
  • Everardo Trejo - Faraón Morales
  • Rigoberto Pérezcano
  • Edgar San Juan
  • Alejandro Cantú
  • Ruy García
  • PabloTamez
  • Miguel Schverdfinger
  • Luca Ortega
Cinepantera, FOPROCINE, Tiburón Filmes

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